What is Social Media Influence

Influencer Marketing and the Bentley Continental GT 2020

You have heard a lot, that Influencer Marketing is the next current big thing when it comes to investing your marketing dollars.

It is correct.
I am about to demonstrate to you how powerful it is for real.

So here is a story that happened a few weeks ago.

My son Killian has been passionate about beautiful cars for as long as I can remember. He knows everything about anything having 4 wheels, or at least it seems to me he does.

Recently, he was invited by Bentley to test drive their new 2020 GT. The simple fact Bentley offered him that opportunity amazed me. He’s only 18 years old after all.

Christophe Georges (CEO of Bentley United States) and Killian Carles
Christophe Georges (CEO of Bentley USA) and Killian Carles
at a Braman event in Palm Beach, FL

Of course, he had a blast – who would not? – and of course, he took tons of photos and videos that ended up in Stories on his Instagram account.

A few hours later, a friend of mine who is following him too, messaged him and asked him what he thought about the car and if it was a good deal because he was considering ordering one.

At that precise moment, Killian is about to give a $250,000 point of view.

Depending on what he tells my friend, the local Bentley dealership will sell a new car, or will not.

How much do you think Bentley would have given to Killian if they had known he had so much power in his phone?

And he is just an 18 years old kid living his best life chasing opportunities to drive luxury cars, and share what he knows about it on Social Media.

This is what “influence” truly is.

Moreover, that is why influencer marketing is so powerful.

It builds awareness and drives decisions based on a form of trust.
That’s the reason why you want to stay genuine and authentic, as much as possible.

Of course, the size of your community matters.

Killian has only 8,000 followers on Instagram right now.

It’s a tiny account compared to other people I’m coaching for their social media marketing; not the kind of size you have in mind when you talk about Influencer Marketing.

However, here’s the key idea I’d like you to take home after reading that post.

More important than the size, Killian has a loyal community, interested in supercars like he is, and mostly local (80% in the United States, mainly in Florida).

His community knows he is real and honest. They trust him.
That trust fuels his social media power.

So when he says, “You should buy that car,” he doesn’t say it lightly because he knows that this person will probably do what he suggests.

Do you understand what fuels influence?

My friend didn’t ask me, because he knows my point of view on that topic is the same than average Joe. I have more followers than Killian, and I’m a grown adult, but no one cares about what I think when it comes to that 2020 Bentley GT.

It doesn’t start with a big number game; it starts with expertise, trust, and authority.

It’s a long term competition, and it’s highly rewarding for people who know how to play that game, are patient enough and faithful.

I’m not telling you this story to brag about my son or write about how proud I am of him. You already know that I am incredibly proud of him.

I’m telling you this story to make you understand why you can be an influencer too, as a brand (invite people to buy your great product) or a local store (bring more qualified prospects to your place) or as an individual (build your authority and use it to help your community make better decisions).

Take a strong stance.

Be real and authentic.

Focus on bringing value to your followers, based on your expertise, your lifestyle, your gift (we all have one); your values as a brand, etc.

Soon, you will become influent on one of your followers.

Great job, you have cracked the code!

The secret is then to grow your community without losing the unique thing that turned you into an influencer for that first follower.

The size of your account will grow your reach, but not your influence on each individual.

Your decisions and your content build your influence.

I coach clients who have millions of followers. Killian is already as influent as some of them on specific topics, but his reach is infinitesimal compared to theirs.

Thank you for reading me until the end. I hope you get my point here, and if it is not the case, feel free to ask questions in comments, or to hit me on Twitter/Instagram.

I will write another post very soon to help you budget an Influencer Marketing campaign, and how to define what an influencer is really worth in USD.

Also, please share or forward that post to your friends and colleagues who feel stuck with their social media marketing.

You will do both them and me a favor 🙂