Why does Instagram love consistency?

Instagram loves consistency, and you'd better give it what it asks for.
If Instagram loves consistency, you’d better give it what it asks for.

Let me tell you how to avoid one of the common mistakes brands, and wannabe influencers make all the time.

They lack of consistency with their content.

When you open a new account, Instagram tries to understand what you want to post about.

It tries to define what your content is and add it to categories. It wants you in boxes.

That’s the reason why it is vital for anyone looking for more reach and exposure to understand that notion.

Instagram needs to keep users as long as achievable on the platform. To do so, it tries to show you content you will like a lot. If you are interested in what you see, you stay longer and see more ads.

So if the algorithm understands one user loves soccer, it is going to show him or her more excellent content about soccer from accounts it has categorized accurately on that niche.

Yes, it is crucial for your account to be identified in one to three categories, relevant to your business if you want the right amount and quality of exposure.

Don’t worry; it’s pretty straightforward.

If you are an individual and build your personal branding, focus at least 75% of your content on your niche and keep the 25% remaining for everything else. Of course, if you are a brand, you want to have up to 100% related to your niche.

Of course, that’s the “one-size-fits-all” method. You are unique, so you want to test and test and test again what works best for you.

Use appropriate hashtags to help Instagram classify you even faster.

That’s it.

After a dozen of posts, the algorithm should start learning who you are and what kind of value it can expect from you for your followers.

Millions of accounts used that trick to build massive audiences that they can monetize with different business models.

For instance, that account below has 12M followers and a decent amount of engagement.

Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to build such a broad reach. I simply want you to understand that you need to help the algorithm help you by being consistent with your content.

One more thing about consistency… and maybe the most important one.

People started following you for a reason in the first place.

If you spend your time posting about different topics, your audience, like the algorithm, will end up getting lost.

Your followers will stop engaging with a part of your content. If that happens, the algorithm will start considering they don’t like your content anymore, and it will show them less of your posts.

Eventually, they will become ghosts for you (people who don’t see your content anymore even if they follow you), as good as Fake Followers.

Being consistent is a priceless virtue on Instagram.