Instagram hides the Like count, and it is a BIG deal.

Instagram hides the Likes from your posts.
Here’s why it’s a big deal for brands and influencers.

As you might know, Instagram is about to hide the Likes from all the posts, so people feel less social pressure when their content is not popular.

They have started experimenting that new feature in a few countries, and from what I have seen so far, here’s what brands and influencers can expect from it.

For the vast majority of the accounts we have analyzed at Digidust, the number of Likes and Comments received is stable or decreases significantly (from 30 to 60%).

When your Engagement Rate weakens, your growth declines too as a consequence. Less engagement means less reach for your content, so fewer conversions (viewers into followers).

What can you do to prepare for it?

We still have to see how hiding the Likes will impact behaviors on the social platform at a larger scale when they roll it out for everyone, but here’s what you can do already to prepare for it:

. Content will be king more than ever before. Keep on creating great content. Don’t create content that YOU would like; create content that THEY will love. I know it’s not easy. That’s the reason why it’s so rewarding.

. The main driver for engagement is the number of comments you get as soon as you post your content, in the first 30 to 60 minutes. Make sure your captions call for discussions, emotions, and reactions.

. Keep on posting and being consistent. What we learned from Instagram starting to hide the Likes is that Influencers and Brands tend to post less, probably a bit discouraged by the loss of traction. Don’t do that. Post more. Social Media Marketing and Influence are not going anywhere. It’s just less spectacular from the outside, and even more valuable from the inside as the competition gets tougher.

. Long-tail hashtags will help a lot to gain exposure. It’s easy to rank on these hashtags, even when your Engagement Rate is average or decreases. The quality of the exposure you get from that tactic is fantastic. Use 3 to 7 of them in each of your posts, and always add a location too.

We have started testing new solutions for our clients, to work around that new era, and it’s very promising. You can contact me if you want to learn more about it.

Of course, feel free to ask any question you might have in comments or message. Always happy to help when I can.