A new Home

I have found a new Home for my blog. It is still open source, but not self-hosted anymore.

A new Home

I have found a new home for my Tactical blog.

It's called Ghost.

It's open-source and so far, I like it a lot.

"Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams."

Truth be told, it is not for everyone. Just adjusting a template requires basic technical knowledge. But once you are there, it's pretty cool.

I've told you I will be consistent in my writing, and I am.

I just needed a new platform as, after more than 15 years of blogging, I finally got tired of Wordpress.

The last few years, Wordpress has been attacked from everywhere. As soon as a security issue was revealed, my blog was under heavy fire.

Cherry on the cake, Ghost comes with an amazing Email feature. Sign up and you will receive each new post in your email. Have a question or a comment, simply reply to the email and I'll get it right away.

Hard to make it easier.

It fits perfectly with my Tactical Letter.

Hopefully you guys will keep on reading me here.

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