I'd like to share with you a very simple and totally free marketing tactic for you to increase the reach of each of your posts on social media platforms.

Most of the algorithms of social media platforms work the same way:

They expose your content if they "think" it's good enough, and they decide if it's good enough based on the engagement it receives right after you post it.

Let's take Instagram, as I know it's the favorite platform of most of you.

When you post in the feed, Instagram shows your post to a small part of your followers, waiting to see if it gets traction from them.

If it does, it shows it to more of them, and eventually, to most of them and ranks it on the hashtags you used.

If it doesn't get traction, it stops showing it and replace it with "better content" from other people.

That's the reason why the engagement your post receives in the first hour is crucial for its journey to success.

Here's how you can "game the algorithm", for free, and get as much exposure and reach as possible.

We all have a team around us. It can be your actual team at work. It can be your close friends and family members who probably want to help.

It doesn't matter as long as you all work together.

Let's say you're a real estate broker with 50 agents. Most of them have an Instagram account, obviously.

Step 1: Make sure everyone follows everyone by putting together a list of your agents' accounts and adding your brokerage account to that list.

Step 2: Ask them to turn the notifications on for each of your agents' accounts.

Step 3: Tell them that, as soon as they get notified when the corporate account or someone from the team posts, they have to go and like the post, and even comment and save it if they have time. If it's a video, watching it to the end helps too. If it's a carousel, sliding to the last panel is key.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work... and Game the Algorithm!

By doing this, each of your posts on the brokerage account and the agents' accounts will get traction right away and will be shown at your maximum potential.

Of course, it will help your content rank on the hashtags you used and even hit the Explore page.

It's incredibly powerful. Try it.

And don't worry. I know you won't get your 50 to comment on each post of each member of the team, as some of them can be busy or sleeping or just not paying attention, but just getting 20 of them commenting right away can make the difference between success and failure, especially when you pick the right hashtags.

It works for Instagram, and it works even better for LinkedIn and Twitter.

Just getting 5 likes on a LinkedIn post can be spectacular. You gonna be amazed by the results.

If you really can't gather a team to support your posts, just reach out to me.

We provide the same powerful tactic as a service that we offer to large clients and large influencers, who don't want to bother doing this, or who simply need more bandwidth to rank even higher.

Our services are not crazy expensive for the value they bring, especially to small accounts, and it will give you the amount of exposure your are looking for to grow.

We offer these services for Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn only.

But seriously, if you don't have any budget, you can probably find 20 people who like you enough to help you put this easy tactic at work.

PS: You also want to tell your followers to turn on the notifications on your posts, so you get even more fuel from them when you post.

Please share that tactic with people who struggle to grow their brand on social media. You will do them and me a favor :-)