I have created my first digital agency in France, in 1996. I was still a student, and the Internet was barely a thing.

I've never stopped doing marketing since that epic period.

Now from Palm Beach, Florida, 25 years later, I'm still a marketer and an entrepreneur.

At Digidust, I advise brands and celebrities and help them grow their reach, generate leads, engage and sell more. Our clients are mainly very large accounts mainly based in New York and Los Angeles, some local SMBs, and influencers having a reach from 20K followers to close to 5M.

With the #TeamCarles at Keller Williams Luxury, I help our team grow, by identifying high-potential Real Estate agents who are a good fit with our vision, and by generating leads and business opportunities for them.

Aside from Digidust and the #TeamCarles, I help startups grow by offering in them some of my time and my resources.

So far, I have invested in 25+ companies, both in France and in the United States. Some have disappeared, some have been successful, many are still a work in progress.

I also chase Real Estate Investment opportunities, mainly in South Florida.