Great brands are built

Great brands are built

Picking a good name for your brand is important, but not it’s usually overrated.

What really matters is “How your brand behaves”.

From your actions and the messages you send to the community, your brand start building its personality.

Eventually, that personality will resonate with a tribe’s core values, and from there, you can create a fan base.

Great brands are not born. They are built.

What you say and what you do, as a brand, tells us who you are... whatever the name you choose in the first place is.

Now, because of the very specific context we currently live in, is probably one of the best times in modern History to start building a strong and meaningful brand.

Like leaders, brands can emerge faster in times of crisis, because a challenging context forces you to make more complicated and less educated decisions. What you do in the middle of a storm really defines who you are.

Start building your #brand today.

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