Social Media hits don’t lie: there’s just yourself out there to be you. Unless…

You should not outsource your content production in a specific case that I'm going to tell you about.

Social Media hits don’t lie: there’s just yourself out there to be you. Unless…

Every so and so I get the usual question asked to agencies:

“But why should I hire an agency to run my social media platform(s) rather than do it myself?”

You see, the whole point is who’s talking and who’s that “I”.

If “I” is a human individual, and the social media accounts are there to promote a personal brand, then by all means, don’t hire an agency to run social media platforms.

I’m dead serious.

Let me tell you a story.

One day I went to a clients’. A good fellow I know and who shares my passion for rugby.

He introduced me to his head of sales.

“Here’s Pierre-Olivier who’s doing our social media marketing strategy”. I started feeling kind of embarrassed as he was going to great lengths describing me as a sort of Guru on SMM (it may or may not be true, you decide, I just think I’m the humble type); “… and by the way he’s a real rugby buff”.

His Head of Sales was immediately hooked.

Because so was he, and I never knew it.

I started talking about my rugby passion, he talked about his. Instant connection - we were friends. A solid professional connection starting out of a true, shared personal passion.

Why I’m telling you this is because only you can share your passion with a genuine, authentic voice. No one else can.

As I explained before, Social Media Marketing is all about creating a conversation, and no one can do it for you as well as you can if you’re an individual.

Your feelings, your passions, your obsessions, your hate, your love: it’s yours.

As I said, you just have to “own” it.

You can share it, but only you can share it.
And you can’t lie to an audience – at least in the long run you can’t.

What we can do as an agency is help you do it yourself perfectly.
A totally different story.
But still your story.

Have you tried to let someone else manage your personal social media accounts for you?

How did it go?

I’m curious, tell me (you, not the guy posting for you, if you have decided to outsource it).

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