I have posted many times - here and there - to tell you why you don't create enough content. But there's more.

Another reason why brand executives or public figures with great ideas fail to publish anything interesting on social is not that they think they don’t have enough value to bring to their audience, but because they have too much of it.

But they think it’s wisdom better left some thoughts untold.

In a word, they self-censor themselves.

Political correctness is your enemy.

Yes. I'm dead serious.

You’re afraid that people will not like what you say. Some may even feel offended. You’re afraid of the social media sh**storm.

Damn, I just self-censored myself.


But you know what?

There will always be people who don’t like or believe what you say.

People may actually engage more with posts they don’t like.

And if you win them over - well, they might become your most loyal followers. Worst case scenario, the engagement they will create will help your post reach more people, giving you an additional amount of exposure.

That doesn’t mean you should try to hook everybody with deliberately offensive content, which doesn’t even reflect what you think. It means you have to “own” your content, be responsible for it, ready to discuss with those people who don’t like it.

As in the physical life!

Because the only content which doesn’t earn you any trouble is the content that never gets published.

It doesn’t earn you any engagement either.

And if you only publish Political Correctness all over, it’s worse:
Real people stop respecting you. Maybe even dislike you for that. Eventually, they might end up unfollowing you.

Remember a golden rule about self-censure:

Some people will love you for the same reason other people will hate you.

And it's OK. You don't have to be "friends" with everyone.

You don't have to speak like you want to win a beauty pageant contest.

Yes, I want peace in the world too, and racism to be eradicated...
Oh, and I also believe Climate Change is bad for us.

It doesn't tell a lot about me and what makes me different though.

A powerful brand, corporate or personal, is a brand that stands for something, and you don't stand for anything when you don't tell your truth.