At first, Emojis have become a way to convey the tone and non-verbal context behind our texts.

"I won't let you walk away with that joke 😁"
"I won't let you walk away with that joke 😡"

As you can see, an emoji can really add some meaning to the same message.

Even better, they have become the very first universal language.

Forget your Esperanto lessons here.

"That's it. Thank you. I like you a lot for doing this"

Here's why you should NOT use too many emojis when creating content for your social media marketing.

Using emojis in tweets and captions results in lower impressions and engagement.

No kidding!

I know it can come as a shock for many of you... as it happened for me.

But the truth is always in data.

On average, tweets with emojis give you 19% fewer impressions, and 40% less engagement.

Yes. 40%.
It's huge.

I understand Emojis are cute and fun, but the truth is they don't help you from a social media marketing point of view.

That said, if you are following me on Twitter and Instagram, you will see that I use Emojis a lot.

The reason is that I don't really try to grow my follower base as much as I could (and maybe should).

And you don't have to either, but it's crucial for you to understand the consequences of your actions on Social Media.

One more thing about Emojis.

If you are a brand or a celebrity that needs to be taken very seriously - yes, I talking to you, Politician people - Emojis are lowering the strength of your core message, and you probably don't want that to happen.

One last thing about Emojis.

There are two places where you can use Emojis as much as you want:

. Private text messages: Go ahead, they are private so it's not really Social Media Marketing anymore...

. Replies to comments on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. I told you you have to reply to almost every single comment you get, and sometimes, a simple 🙏🏻❤️ is far enough and has no impact on your core message.

Feel free to get back to me with questions, comments or with a gentle stream of Emojis.