Why I have Unfollowed everyone on Instagram

Why you should unfollow everyone in your timeline, and start building it again from scratch.

Why I have Unfollowed everyone on Instagram

I'm dead serious.

It happened a few months ago.

I have unfollowed everyone on Instagram.

Here is why.

I went from 3,790 followings to 0.

And now, I have started re-building my followings from scratch.
One person (or brand) at a time.

And you should try too!

The content you see is chosen by the algorithm of Instagram.
After some months, if you don't pay attention, you won't see anymore the posts that half of your followings is posting.

Because you did not engage with them for a few days or weeks, the algorithm has concluded that you were not interested in their content anymore, even though you were still following them.

It's crazy, right?

Unfollowing 100% of your timeline is like resetting the algorithm for your account.

The algorithm wants to serve you the content of the people you used to like, but because you don't follow them anymore - at least, temporarily - it can't and start serving you content from other people.

It gives you a very fresh start and makes your timeline great again.

A couple of things you want to pay attention to:

. I know you need some technology to unfollow so many people. Please never ever ever ever use free Apps for that. It will put your account at risk, and you don't want to be red flagged or even suspended by Instagram.

. Get ready to reply to people who take an unfollow very personally. Some can be very angry. It's OK. You should not care about someone getting pissed for that kind of futile reason.

After this intense cleaning session, I have started following people again recently, and I will wisely grow my followings in the next few months.

But seriously, my timeline and my stories look wondrous again, thanks to you guys!!

This amazing tip will not improve your marketing at all, but it will make your timeline nicer than before, and you might love Instagram - again - more than before.

It's important to love the platform you spend so much time on for your business, because you have to be good at it, and it's difficult to be good at something we don't like.

I'm no buddhist monk but loving what we do is probably the secret of happiness.

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