In times of crisis, marketing usually comes low in the list of priorities companies have to take care about.

But the COVID19 crisis is different, and among all the bad coming with the pandemic, there're some opportunities when it comes to social media marketing.

As I've already told you many times, marketers (and brands) fight for attention, the attention of their target audience.

It's an highly competitive game because we are all trying to bring our clients messages in front of a busy crowd, already very solicited by a gazillion of other messages and time-wasting habits.

That said, all around the world, gouvernements, corporations and common sense have sent everyone home, and most of the public events have been suspended or canceled.

It's great news for Netflix, and I believe it is also an opportunity for marketers.

Think about it: Millions of people stuck at home, with nothing else to do than cruising social media to avoid maximum boredom.

Now is a good time to increase your content production and your - Facebook - Ads budget.

People are available, staring at their screens increasingly as the confinement measures keep ongoing.

More social media time means more advertising real estate for sale at Facebook and at the other social media platform.

Also, social media engagement should increase dramatically for the same reasons. That's the reason why you want to post more good content in the coming weeks; It might reach more people than ever.

The lack of physical interactions will increase the need for digital interactions, as we, the people, are highly social mammals.

At Digidust, we are currently reaching out to our clients, to tell them how to adapt their social media strategy when it's relevant or really needed.

From chaos come opportunities.

Feel free to send me an email, comment or DM on social media if you want to learn more, challenge my views or share your story.

PS1: By the way, you probably don't need such a large amount of toilet paper. Stop devastating Costco shelves :-)

PS2: And meanwhile, more importantly and seriously, stay safe.